Road Biking

Road Riding in Athens, Ohio

So Many Roads to Enjoy by Bike

Low-traffic roads and beautiful scenery make Athens County a popular place for road cyclists, with phenomenal paved and gravel road riding. 

Riders from flatter parts of Ohio routinely travel to Athens to enjoy the hilly terrain, and gravel road riding has been part of local cyclists’ repertoire since before gravel road riding was a “thing.” 

Nearly 1,000 miles of roads (paved and gravel) criss-cross Athens County, offering cyclists options for both terrain and road surface. And the views are stunning. If you're wondering where to get started, stop in the shop and let us know what kind of ride you're looking for -- we'll point you in the right direction.

Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

This paved, flat 21-mile bikeway between Athens and Nelsonville connects two Athens County communities with plenty of fun destinations to visit. 

Departing Athens you’ll pass Ohio University’s campus and then disappear into the serene woods along the Hocking River as you head north toward Nelsonville. You’ll pass through Eclipse Company Town, wildflower preserves and the campus of Hocking College before you reach Nelsonville. 

Also popular on the bikeway is the Brewed on the Bikeway self-guided tour, featuring local breweries that are located close to the bikeway. 

Want to enjoy the path but don't have a bike? Rent a bike at Athens Bicycle and enjoy a ride. Learn more about the bikeway at the Athens County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Annual Road Rides in the Athens Area

  • Tour de Forest. Annually in May. Three road loops to choose from: 45 miles, 32 miles or 19 miles.
  • Tour of the Hocking River Valley. Annually in May. Two-day tour, 60 miles/45 miles.
  • Pawpaw Double Nickel Bicycle Ride. Annually in September. Starts and ends at the Ohio Pawpaw Festival (held at Lake Snowden, just outside Athens). Choose to ride 55 miles or 20 miles.
  • Be sure to check out our Calendar of Events for information about additional cycling events that happen in Southeastern Ohio throughout the year.