Kids Bikes at Athens Bicycle

Choose the right size

At Athens Bicycle we know how important it is for a kid to learn to ride on a right-sized, quality bike. We take the time to make sure your child is getting not only the right size bike, but also a bike with right features for the types of riding he or she will be doing. Gears, no gears, hand brakes, coaster brakes, wheel size ... these are all things that are important to consider. Age and personality greatly impact the choices you and your child will make.

Stop in and check out our kids measuring chart and talk to our staff about options for your family. 

Kids bike trade-up program at Athens Bicycle

Trade up as they grow

Once your child has grown out of a bike, we try to make it a little easier on your wallet with our Kids Bike Trade-Up Program.

If you buy a new kid's bike from us, you can bring it back within 3 years and trade it in. At that time, we will give you up to 50% of what you paid for it as a credit toward the next size bike (condition of bicycle determines trade-in value).

Bring in ANY used kid's bike in decent riding condition to donate to Athens County Children Services and receive 10% off a new kid's bike. We will perform a safety check and tune-up before donating the bike to Children Services.

Trade-ins from the trade-up program that are not sold as used bikes by the end of summer will be donated to Athens County Children Services.