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Independent Fabrication at Athens BicycleIn 1994, and after 12 years of business, the pioneering mountain bike manufacturer Fat City Cycles closed its Somerville, Massachusetts, doors leaving behind an empty factory and a handful of workers. Fabricator Lloyd Graves, welder Mike Flanigan, and machinist and toolmaker Jeffrey Buchholz still had the itch to design and build custom bikes. So they dusted off their workboots, brought out the drawing board, and joined forces with Sue Kirby, Ben Cole, and Steve Elmes to start their own company. An independent company. A company that would make bikes the way they knew they should be made.
We can create your IF dream bike!
In 1995, Independent Fabrication was formed and the top secret quest to take over the world one handmade bike at a time began. What they lacked in adequate workspace, they overcompensated for with elbow grease. In its first year, Indy Fab designed to its strengths forging the best steel mountain bike frames the industry had ever seen. Riders agreed, and IF’s cult following began to grow. The next year, the IF team called on their lifelong experience of riding city streets and their love of racing to develop several new models: the Crown Jewel, a road bike, the Planet Cross, a cyclocross inspired frame, and the Roadster, a cruiser. IF quickly emerged from the woods to become a complete cycling manufacturer.

Almost anything is possible!Designing and building custom bicycle frames is a fusion of art with science. It requires radical ideas tempered by scientific notions. What starts as a progressive thought is realized through trigonometry, geometry and calculus. They make light metals stronger and strong metals lighter. They use the finest, most technically advanced steel tubing, the strongest titanium, and a variety of carbons to mold your vision into a tangible work of art.

They build almost everything out of almost anything. Millimeters translate into perfection, and their meticulous attention to detail is seen in every bike. They look like no other because they're built like no other. It’s a process that’s steeped in tradition and driven by innovation not bound by convention. It’s Independent Fabrication!

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