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Sells Park & Strouds Run State Park (Athens Trail Network)

Sundown Trail, Strouds Run State Park, Athens, Ohio

Thanks to the Athens Trail Network, you can now ride trails from Sells Park all the way to Strouds Run State Park. Although just a few years ago it was illegal to ride at both Sells and Strouds, bikes are now allowed on many of the trails in both parks. People who used to live and mountain bike in Athens are always shocked to hear this, but it's true and it's GREAT! In the past few years, Strouds Run park management has allowed Athens Bicycle Club to build new trails at the park: You can thank ABC for Thunderbunny, Sundown and Scatter Ridge Connector trails. That's a lot of singletrack ... and there's more on the way. The trails at Sells Park and Strouds Run are twisty and tight, with plenty of hills to climb and descend. Technical features include small rock gardens, logovers and switchbacks.

Download and print this map of the Strouds Run Area Mountain Bike Trails or stop in the shop for a free printout. We worked with Purple Lizard Maps to create this excellent resource.

Lake Hope State Park

Athens Bicycle Club began building mountain bike trails at Lake Hope State Park in 1998. Thanks to the local club's hard work, there are now more than 23 miles of dedicated mountain bike trails in a park that used to offer only one two-mile stretch of singletrack to cyclists. The trails at Lake Hope are smooth and fast, with gradual climbs. It's a great park for beginners to get started and for advanced riders to really let it rip.

Download and print this Lake Hope State Park Mountain Bike Trail Map or stop in the shop for a free printout. We worked with Purple Lizard Maps to create this excellent resource.

Mountwood Park

Mountwood Park Parkersburg Bicycle

Located about 10 miles east of Parkersburg, W.V., on U.S. Route 50, Mountwood Park features 30 miles of excellent singletrack built and maintained by the River Valley Mountain Bike Association. The trails are twisty and tight, with challenging climbs, well-built bridges, boardwalks and logovers, and fast descents. Each spring RVMBA hosts the Challenge at Mountwood Mountain Bike Race at the park.

Visit RVMBA's website for a trail map, information on group rides, and other news related to the trails at Mountwood.

Marietta Trail Network

The Marietta Trail Network (MTN) currently consists of 15 miles of off-road hiking and mountain biking trail and 2 miles of paved, shared-use path. The MTN connects many of the area's parks, schools and neighborhoods, utilizing undeveloped public and privately owned land. The River Valley Mountain Bike Association maintains the MTN.

Find more information and a trail map on the River Valley Mountain Bike Association's website.

North Bend State Park

About a half-hour east of Parkersburg, North Bend State Park has over 20 miles of single track mountain bike trail in addition to its 72 miles of rail trail. This combination makes the park excellent for mountain bikers of all skill levels. The single track trails include rocky, technical single track, while the rail trail is crushed gravel and nearly flat. Park amenities include camping, cabins, and a large lodge with a restaurant.

Visit the River Valley Mountain Bike Association's website for a link to a map of the North Bend State Park trails, all of which are open to mounain bikes.

Wayne National Forest - Marietta Unit

The Marietta unit of the Wayne National Forest, about a half-hour drive north of Marietta, Ohio, on State Route 7, boasts more than 70 miles of trail open to mountain bikes. Trail permits are required and may be purchased on a daily or seasonal basis at the National Forest Service office just north of Marietta on SR 7.

Volunteers from the River Valley Mountain Bike Association maintain and improve a large portion of these trails. The Wayne is vast, with many options for long, technical rides. Long stretches of single track, challenging climbs, steep descents and rocky outcroppings are just some of the trail features in the Wayne. RVMBA hosts The Wayne Ultra, an endurance mountain bike race, on these trails each year.

The club makes available this list of suggested rides in the Wayne.

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