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Classes Available at Athens Bicycle

Bicycle Repair Classes at Athens BicycleWant to learn learn about bicycle maintenance and other cycling topics? Following are descriptions of free classes we offer at various times throughout the year, usually during the winter months.

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  • Street Smarts: Riding Safely. After a brief presentation focused on bicycle safety, we’ll have a discussion about riding safely on the road and co-existing with other traffic.
  • Caring for Your Bike. Come learn some basic principles of bicycle care that will help you get the most out of your machine.
  • Troubleshooting Your Drivetrain. In this session we'll describe how your drivetrain works, troubleshoot common shifting issues, discuss drivetrain wear and explain how to get the most from your derailleurs, chain and other drivetrain components. Please do not bring your bicycle -- we have plenty on hand for demonstration.
  • Brake Systems Explained. Wondering how your brakes work, and what might cause them to not work? We'll discuss a variety of current bicycle brake technology for road bikes and mountain bikes. Please do not bring your bicycle -- we have plenty on hand for demonstration.
  • Suspension Setup. Get the most out of your suspension fork or full-suspension bicycle. Take home tips for customizing your front or rear suspension to your weight and riding style. Please do not bring your bicycle -- we have plenty on hand for demonstration.
  • How to Fix a Flat Tire. A bike ride can end early due to a flat tire. In this hands-on session, we'll put on our detective hats and puzzle out various flat-tire scenarios, then practice fixing some flat tires. If you own tools for fixing flats, please bring them (tire levers, mini pumps, floor pumps, patch kits, etc.). If you have no tools we'll have loaners available.
  • Introduction to Bicycle Commuting. Riding your bike for transportation is fun, saves money on gas, is environmentally friendly and can help you stay fit or lose weight. In this session we'll discuss factors in choosing a commuting route, types of bikes that people use for commuting, and the types of gear that can make your commute more comfortable.
  • The Essentials: What to Carry on a Ride. What things do cyclists carry with them to better their chances of a fun, safe ride? Come rummage through the seat packs of some seasoned riders to find out just what they carry with them when they hit the road or trail.
  • Choosing Bicycle Tires. Slick, semi-slick, knobby, tubeless, tubular, hard-case, aggressive, grippy, soft compound, hard compound. What does all this mean? It means there are a lot of tires out there, and they all have a different purpose. Come learn about bicycle tire types and features.

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